About Our Firm

Buckley Hogan continues a tradition of service to Delta and Surrey that began more than 35 years ago. Glen Buckley opened his doors in 1968 as the first lawyer on Scott Road. Glen was later joined by his brother, Wayne, to become Buckley & Buckley. Later, Sean Hogan and then Glen's son, Rand Buckley joined them.

On January 1, 2000 Rand and Sean bought the firm and began business under the name of Buckley Hogan. They were later joined by lawyer Royal Morton, Stefan Charles and Harjot Dhesa.

Buckley Hogan is a full service law firm with experience in real estate (buying, selling mortgages & subdivisions), company and business law, litigation, Wills and estates.

There is usually a small consultation fee for the first half hour appointment. If you want to know about the approximate legal costs, please telephone our office to discuss our fees. Most fees, except for real estate matters, are based on hourly rates. Personal injury cases are usually dealt with on a contingency basis with the understanding that we are paid when you win.

If you have, or anticipate a legal problem, then it is important that you immediately get legal advice. Unfortunately, many people delay seeking advice for too long only to find that they have prejudiced themselves or their case by not getting timely legal advice. The old maxim: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is certainly true when you face legal difficulties.

Our lawyers at Buckley Hogan have strong community ties to Delta and Surrey. We believe in service to the community and participate in community groups, service clubs and business associations which serve the people of this area. Most of our business comes by referral from satisfied clients.

We would be pleased to help you with any future needs.